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Hooks Ladders and Roof Scaffolds

Slate roofs tend to be high and steep and require special access equipment.

Chimney Flashings

Chimneys are common components of slate roof architecture.

Training on Mockups

We use roof mockups for training purposes.

Valley Installation and Replacement

Most slate roofs require a variety of flashings, including valleys.

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Installation, Repair, Flashing

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We currently have (2) 8-hour courses and (4) training seminars available:


Course #1: Slate Roof Installation

Course Delivery Type: Live

This course is 8 hours (8 AIA Learning Units).

Course Level: Introductory; Language: English

Cost: $600/student, limited to four enrollees.

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Course #2: Slate Roof Repair, Restoration & Maintenance

Course Delivery Type: Live

This course is 8 hours (8 AIA Learning Units).

Course Level: Introductory; Language: English

Cost: $600/student, limited to four enrollees.

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We have 4 Seminars:


Seminar #1: Natural Quarried Roofing Slate: Basic Installation

About this 1.5 Hour Seminar (1.5 AIA LUs)

The installation of natural quarried roofing slates is different from the installation of other roofing materials. The devil is in the details. This PowerPoint presentation provides the basic information one would need to be informed about correct slate roof installation practices. Call Joe at 814-786-9085.

Seminar #2: Basic Slate Roof Repair, Restoration, and Maintenance

About this 1.5 Hour Seminar (1.5 AIA LUs)

Natural quarried slate roofs can last upwards of 200 years if properly maintained, depending on the type of slate. Even the worst looking older slate roofs may be highly restorable with decades of remaining life. This seminar explains how to repair and restore slate roofs and how to keep them maintained and water-tight in emergency conditions when needed. Call Joe at 814-786-9085.

Seminar #3: Why Choose Natural Slate Roofing?

About This 1 Hour Seminar (1 AIA LU)

Natural roofing slates have many benefits over artificial alternatives, including beauty, durability, and architectural integrity. Slate is an ecologically-friendly, recyclable natural stone containing no plastic, petroleum, or asbestos. It is available throughout the world in many shapes, thicknesses, and colors. Many installation styles and methods allow slate roofing to become a form of art. Durability can last into the centuries and installation is not rocket science. Fake look-alike materials can fail prematurely and become an architectural blight. This presentation covers these issues and more. Call Joe at 814-786-9085.

Seminar #4: How to Avoid Installation Errors When Installing Slate Roofs

About This 1 Hour Seminar

There are only a few reasons why new slate roof installations fail. All of the reasons are easily avoidable. This seminar reviews the most common problems occurring with slate roof installations, their causes, and their remedies. Call Joe at 814-786-9085.

Reserve a Class at our Facility

Email us . Or call us at 814-786-9085. Leave a message if no one answers and we will call you back. We set our schedule based on demand.

Request a Remote Training

Remote trainings may be available under certain circumstances. For example, you would have to construct one roof mockup per four students, according to SRCA specifications (we will email you the schematics and parts list), provide your own tools, etc. Cost is negotiable. Contact us about training at your site.

Need Tools?

This is the basic 3-piece professional tool set we recommend.


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