the world's finest roofs

House in Vermont with a slate roof installed in 1851, still good after all these years.Natural quarried slate roofs are arguably the world's finest roofs. They easily last a century if installed correctly. Some may last two centuries, depending on the type of slate, the fasteners, and the substrate. Installing slate roofs is not rocket science. Any competent roofer with the basic skills and the correct tools and knowledge can install a roof that his or her grandchildren will enjoy, as adults.

installation details matter

House in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania with a beautiful original slate roof as seen in the Slate Roof Bible, 3rd Edition.A small leak will sink a great ship. Ignoring what seem to be minor details when designing and installing a slate roof can be devastating, both to the property owner, and to the roof installer. Litigation is often the result of botched roofs, meaning many thousands of dollars forked out to lawyers, and many years of stress and aggravation. Basic training in installation, tools, methods, concepts, and procedures, can make all the difference.

Repair and restoration

Beautiful building near St. Louis, MO with a late 1800s Buckingham slate roof, as seen in the Slate Roof Bible, 3rd Edition.Many perfectly good slate roofs are lost because the available work force lacks proper slate roof repair and/or restoration skills. Generally speaking, if the slate is still good, the roof is repairable or restorable. A correctly repaired slate roof should still be a thing of beauty, not looking patched or worn out.