More people, less time required.

Seminars for larger groups.

Seminars can deliver information to larger groups in shorter periods of time. They are not as beneficial as training courses with small groups for learning hands-on skills, but they do allow for general knowledge to be gained when and where it is needed.

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Hooks Ladders and Roof Scaffolds

Slate roofs tend to be high and steep and require special access equipment.

Chimney Flashings

Chimneys are common components of slate roof architecture.

Training on Mockups

We use roof mockups for training purposes.

Valley Installation and Replacement

Most slate roofs require a variety of flashings, including valleys.

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Installation, Repair, Flashing

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Seminars provide an alternative for larger groups. Seminars do not require a roof mockup and can accommodate many more people. Duration is approximately 1.5 hours, allowing for 1.5 AIA Learning Units. Cost is negotiable depending on the instructor, travel time and expenses involved, scheduling, etc. The seminars are developed by the Slate Roofing Contractors Association and those who attend are eligible for AIA Continuing Education Learning Units.


Natural Quarried Roofing Slate: Basic Installation
Course Number - SRCA2020-01; Provider Number - 50111250

About this 1.5 Hour Seminar

The installation of natural quarried roofing slates, although not rocket science, is different from the installation of other roofing materials. The devil is in the details. This PowerPoint presentation provides the basic information one would need to be informed about correct slate roof installation practices.

Prerequisite Knowledge: A basic roofing and construction background is helpful, but not necessary.

Learning Objectives: What is natural quarried roofing slate and how is it installed. What are common mistakes made when installing natural quarried roofing slates. What are the correct tools and materials to use when installing slate roofs. What are the sources of materials, supplies, tools, and contractors needed when installing natural slate roofs.

Seminar Delivery Type Live

This approximately 90 minute seminar is 1.5 LUs.

Seminar Level is Introductory

Language English

Original Course Approval 12/26/2019

Course Expiration 12/26/2022


Basic Slate Roof Repair, Restoration, and Maintenance
Course Number - SRCA2020-02; Provider Number - 50111250

About this 1.5 Hour Seminar

Natural quarried slate roofs can last upwards of 200 years if properly maintained, depending on the type of slate. Even the worst looking older slate roofs may be highly restorable with decades of remaining life. This seminar explains how to repair and restore slate roofs and how to keep them maintained and water-tight in emergency conditions when needed.

Prerequisite Knowledge: Basic roofing, ladder work, and general building maintenance would be preferred but is not necessary.

Learning Objectives: How to evaluate an existing older slate roof to determine its conditions and whether it is a candidate for restoration. Learn about the proper materials and tools required to do a satisfactory job in keeping a slate roof water-tight and looking good. Learn how to identify different types of slates and ascertain their longevity. Learn what techniques and equipment are required for safe roof access on steep slopes. Learn correct and effective emergency repairs on slate roofs. Learning what NOT to do when repairing slate roofs. Learn about general flashing issues including chimney and valley flashings, step flashings, pipe flashings, built-in gutters, ridges, and hips.

Seminar Delivery Type Live. This seminar is 1.5 LUs.

Seminar Level is Introductory

Language English

Original Course Approval 1/23/2020

Course Expiration 1/23/2023


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