Course availability will be expanding over time.

Courses continue to be developed.

We develop courses independently, but also in concert with the Slate Roofing Contractors Association of North America Inc. The SRCA is a non-profit 501c6 international trade association, and course creation requires committee development, peer review, and board approval, all of which is very time consuming. As new courses are made available, we will list them here.

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Hooks Ladders and Roof Scaffolds

Slate roofs tend to be high and steep and require special access equipment.

Chimney Flashings

Chimneys are common components of slate roof architecture.

Training on Mockups

We use roof mockups for training purposes.

Valley Installation and Replacement

Most slate roofs require a variety of flashings, including valleys.

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Installation, Repair, Flashing

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Courses Currently Available


Natural Quarried Roofing Slate: Basic Installation, Level 1

Course Delivery Type: Live; 8 LUs (AIA Learning Units); Level: Introductory; Language: English; Duration: Approximately 8 hours

Our Slate Roof Installation instruction consists of the Slate Roofing Contractors Association's Installation of Natural Quarried Roofing Slates: Level 1 training course.

This course combines approximately 3 hours of classroom instruction with approximately 5 hours of hands-on training on a roof mockup. The course covers the basic installation standards, information, and procedures for correctly and successfully installing natural slate on roofs. You will be cutting, punching, and trimming slates using a variety of tools specific to the trade. You will be nailing roofing slates to a wood deck with copper nails and integrating the slates with various flashings, including step flashings, valley flashings, apron flashings, and ridge copper.

The course is limited to 4 students on a double-sided mockup (two on each side). The courses are administered by instructors who are independent contractors registered with the SRCA. Students who successfully complete the course can opt for a "Certificate of Completion" from the SRCA if they so choose, for an additional fee of $50.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

Basic construction and roofing knowledge is beneficial, but not necessary.

Learning Objectives:

Learn how to successfully install a natural quarried slate roof that will function for up to a century or two. Learn about common mistakes made by inexperienced installers and how to avoid them. Learn how to cut, punch, shape, and work with natural stone roofing using standard tools of the trade. Learn how basic flashing systems work with slate roofing and the various ways they can be installed. Learn about all the different types of slate that may be found on the North American market today. Learn about different installation styles, fasteners, substrates, underlayment, roof staging, headlap, starter courses, and many other details relating to slate roofing.

Course Handouts:

Slate Roof Bible, 3rd Edition (374 pages), Slate Roofs 1926 (130 pages), SRCA Slate Roof Installation Training Manual (161 pages).


$600.00/student (1/3 of which is the SRCA license fee). An additional $50 is required if an SRCA "Certificate of Completion" is desired (100% of which goes to the SRCA). The course fee is subject to change at any time, although this price will be honored for anyone on the waiting list).


To be announced.


Seminars provide an alternative for larger groups. Seminars do not require a roof mockup and can accommodate many more people. Duration is approximately 1.5 hours, allowing for 1.5 AIA Learning Units. Cost is negotiable depending on the instructor, time and expenses involved, scheduling, etc.

Reserve a Class at our Facility

Email us to get on the waiting list. We have not set our schedule for 2020 yet, but if you're on the list, you will be among the first to be notified when classes are available.

Request a Remote Training

Remote trainings may be available under certain circumstances. For example, you would have to construct one roof mockup per four students, according to SRCA specifications (we will email you the schematics and parts list), provide your own tools, etc. Cost is negotiable. Contact us about training at your site.

Need Tools?

This is the basic 3-piece professional tool set we recommend. Let us know in the "customer comment" section at checkout that you're buying it for a class and we'll knock off $50 and exclude the Slate Roof Bible from the order if you don't want to have an extra copy of the book (however, it makes a great gift, especially for co-workers and clients, so you may want to keep it). You will be provided with a list of needed tools that you should bring to the class (tool belt, for example).




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